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City Of The Snakes

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This Is The third Book In The Trilgy The City

The third installment of the city series was never published. The original publishers for this book did not market the book very well at all and the books did not sell very well. With only one printing of the books the books are hard to come by.  When asked about this book Darren Shan said that it will see print one day with his current publishers or if not in print as an e-book online.

Here is a little information about the book:

In City of the Snakes (note the correct title!!), set 10 years after the first 2 books, the new Cardinal is lured away from Party Central by a ghost from his past ... a half-paralyzed Ford Tasso comes out of retirement to hold things together temporarily ...

Meanwhile, a killer operating under the guise of Paucar Wami has been stalking the streets for a decade, searching for his nemesis, the man who destroyed his world and reduced him to the role of vengeful assassin ...

The killer is about to be sent in reluctant pursuit of the missing Cardinal ... along the way he learns more about the City's secret and powerful controllers ... he meets people long since dead .... he gets sucked into a power struggle to control the future of the City ... and edges ever closer to the terrible and terrifying truth behind his fall from grace and sanity .............


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