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This page contains links to sites which I think readers of my books might be interested in.

Shan Japan
-- Darren Shan's official Japanese publishers site. VERY cool, and quite easy to navigate, even if you can't read Japanese!!!! Go>

Shan Taiwan
-- Darren Shan's official Taiwanese publishers site. Also VERY cool, and again, quite easy to find your way around!!! Go>

The World of Darren Shan
-- Lots of my publishers have their own web sites, some of which feature exclusive articles or items about me! You can usually buy my books from the publishers (and lots of other books too!), and you can often find out information about the books which I don't know -- such as when they're going to be released, how much they will cost, etc!!

Australia. Go>   Brazil. Go>   China. Go>   Czech Republic. Go>   Finland. Go>   Germany. Go>

Hungary. Go>   Indonesia. Go>   Italy. Go>   Korea. Go>   Netherlands. Go>   New Zealand. Go>

Norway. Go>   Serbia.Bosnia, Montenegro. Go>   Thailand. Go>   U.K. & Ireland Go>   U.S.A. Go>

Shan on Ebay
-- the auction home for all things Shanorific. All sorts of stuff pops up here -- first editions, proof copies and ARCs, promotional merchandise, etc. Keep checking back regularly. (And always make sure you check out a seller's feedback before you buy!!!!)
-- a good place to find first editions, proofs, Advance Reading Copies, and other rare editions of my books. This links to over a dozen of the best bookselling sites around. You can get some great deals here!!! Most of the books are American editions, so make sure you know exactly what it is you're buying before you pay for it!!!!!
-- this site sells Japanese and Taiwanese editions of my books. They ship anywhere in the world. The site is in English and easy to navigate. Enter "Darren Shan" in the search box, scroll down and you'll find loads of translated copies of my books. They even have the Japanese Darren Shan fan book (it's the one with the big spider on the cover, released March 2004 -- it's on the second page) which is great fun to own even if you can't read Japanese!!!!
Christopher Little Agency
-- the best literary agents in town!!

War Child Music
-- a great place for exclusive tracks from some of the hottest bands around, and it supports a good cause too!!

-- a first-rate children's book site for adults, full of the latest news from the world of children's publishing. I usually check out the Achockablog two or three times a week!

Tottenham Hotspur
-- my favourite excuse for a football team.

Jonathan Carroll
-- one of my favourite authors, and a huge influence on my writing style.

-- this is where I order most of my DVDs and CDs from.

-- you want comics? they GOT comics!!! I buy most of my comics from these guys, and find that their recommendations are usually spot-on.

Expedia Currency Converter
-- handy for when I'm travelling around the world on tour!!

Personal Travel Planner

-- these guys take all the hassle out of travel. Just tell them how much you want to spend, and for a small fee they'll find a great holiday for you, at the best price! Go>

Eoin Colfer
-- for all things lepreconic!

No Strings
-- an exciting new charity set up to increase landmine awareness in infected countries, using puppets!!

-- become part of the latest, coolest, most booktastic fad ever.

The Pennywhores
-- Limerick's finest band (now that The Hitchers are no more) -- WARNING: strong, adult language!!! i.e. lots of swear words!!!!

-- and Cork's finest band!! They have released two albums, and both are delightful fun!! 
Toasted Heretic
-- and Galway's finest band!!!! Their first album, "Songs for swinging celibates" was one of my favourites when I was a teenager!!

The Transmitters
-- one of my favourite new indie bands, unsigned to any label at the moment, but if there's any justice in the world they won't stay that way for long!!! Go>

Jinx Lennon
-- a unique balladeer, like nobody else out there! Mixes strong political songs with weirdly sweet ballads and manic rock rants!! Check out some of the songs on his site ("Bubble Electrician", "City of Styrofoam Cups" and "Escape from the Planets of the Apes" are especially brilliant), then buy his CD if you live in one of the areas which stock them!! (Sadly, they're not currently available online.) Go>
Vampire Mountain
-- this is a Darren Shan fan site, but better than most and worth checking out. Contains some nice features, such as a chronological list of all my released work, and Charlie (the fan) often finds new covers of my books before I do!!! A worthy companion piece to my own site! Go>

Reading Zone
-- a new site for children, adults and teachers. There was a Q&A session with me in December 2005, which can be accessed in the Author Zone. Go>