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The City

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How The Trigy Of The City Began...

At the age of 24 and barely out of college Darren O'Shaughnessy had his first of many books published. His first book, Ayuamarca is a science fiction novel which leaves it's readers in awe. The publishers Millennium, an imprint of Orion books Ltd; did not do very well in marketing the book to readers and the unknown name of the author did not help the book sales. Only one printing of the book was made making copies very scare. The second book in the series, Hell's Horizon is thought to be better than the first. Though once again the sales did not flourish, there was only one printing of the book.

What some may not know is that there is actually a third book in the series entitled City of the Snakes. This book never saw the light of day and will someday be republished. The author has stated many times that it will be printed again in the future, but not anytime soon. Through e-book or a limited number of copies printed on the authors own accord there still stands the hope of publication.

The only other publisher to print this book was in Russia. The Nuclear Heating Plant publishers printed 7000 copies of Ayuamarca in 2001 and copies go for about 50-60 rubles. That is roughly five pounds or ten dollars. The name has changed with the translation and has been changed to the City of Death. The word Ayuamarca is still there, but I think the publishers learned from the mistakes of the previous publishers and changed the name to help sell more copies. The city series title has also changed to the dark city

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