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Info On The Vampires

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Info On The Vampires
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The Demenata Charectors
Photos Of All Kinds Of Demonds
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How To Sumond The Demnata
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What Is a Magition
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Slawter MicrosIte
Demon combat trainng
Ayuamarca: Procession of the Dead
Hells Horizon
City Of The Snakes
The City role play game
The City Characters


Info On Vampire History

On This Page I Will Write About Vampire Tales,Facts,Religes Belevies, Rules On Weapens,Battels And The History Of Vampire Mountin.

Vampire Religes Belives
Vampires Only Have The One Religen
And Its Pretty Simple If You Were A Good
Vampire And Only Drank Anuff Blood To
Survive And Only Killed When Nessesery
And Followed All The Vampire By Laws
Your Soul Would Go Strait To Paridis.
Now If You Were A Bad Vampire And Drank Blood
With Out Self Control And Killed Reklesly And Did Not
Follow The Vampire By Laws When You Died You Would
Go Strait To The Lake Of Losed Souls.

Vampire By Laws
Vampire By Laws Vampire By
Laws Are Laws That Were Made
For The Vampire Clan At The Start
Of The Clans Existans Proble By Vampire
Princes But Am Not Sure
1. Vampires Can Not Use Progectile Weapons Such As
Cross Bows
Bowen Arrows
Sling Shots
2. Vampires Can Only Used Weapons He/She Has Made
2.This Rule No Longer Exsists
3. new Vampires After Studiy Must Take The Right Of Passege
    If He/She Fails A Trile He/She Is Killed In The Death Chamber
4. No One But A Vampire Prince Can Kill Another Vampire Prince
    Even If The Vampire Prince Fails The Right Of Passege
5. A Commen Vampire/ Vampire Genral Must Take The Write Of     Passage Every Twelve Years
6. Vampirers Can Not Flit Up To Vampire Mountin

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